I can breathe so imma let it go. There are some among us who live for the drama. They love feuds. They just can't wait for the next break up or disappointment so they can take a drive in the rain with emergency room playing on the stereo. Its not quite something they are actively... Continue Reading →



"Post Credit: Samuel Baah" The scene opens to a vast endless darkness. Amidst the fireflies, Hanging in the center. A ball of fire, shinning, burning, scorching is dropping. Allowing the glowing white ball, half eaten by the nights sky to have its moment. This scenario alarms the particles of beings living downstairs in this grand... Continue Reading →

Sparring with My Ego

"Underneath this fragile frame, lives a battle between pride and shame. I've misplaced that sense of pride. This crown of thorns is perched atop my spine, Listen closely as I testify." -Neon Cathedral- How often in human history do we witness the will being defeated. Desiring so much to do one thing yet finding yourself... Continue Reading →

Human : the Conqueror

"Another round of bullets hits my skin, well fire away...When the sharpest words wanna cut me down, im gonna send a flood , gonna drown them out"The narrative may have changed over the years.They call it civilization but dont get it twisted.When you look closely, you see the baser instincts.The animal in us is evident.When... Continue Reading →

White Lies

The line between delusion and positivity is a thin one. For the puporse of this post lets ignore the generic definition. Today, lets say white lies are lies in white cloaks that can be good for you. Fake it till you make it if you will. "Life is what you make it." Have you heard... Continue Reading →


"Other peoples opinion of you is none of your business." -Lisa Nichols That beautiful quote by Lisa Nichols captivated me. I'll post the link to her video below this post. Opinions don't matter is what we tell ourselves or what I tell myself at least i know that much but she says don't concern yourself... Continue Reading →


Terminal. Adj. An incurable condition that eventually, inevitably and usually slowly leads to death. Yes this is going to be yet another dark post but its important to me so here goes. Life is terminal. The moment a baby is born it begins to die. Cradle to the grave, literally. Did that obvious truth just... Continue Reading →


"Life is not easy, it is not. Life is not fair it never was and it wont ever be" -Matthew McConaughey You've been a soldier today. Everyday that you make it through is a medal on your chest. Life is hard at its heart. It's not a mistake, it's not unfortunate. That's just how it... Continue Reading →

From Now On

What if every moment from now is your chance for a new life. Now delete "what if" from that statement and see the truth. We say it so often but we seldom ever truly mean it. Drop the past tattooed anvil, it's holding you down. True, our past can define us but every day we... Continue Reading →

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